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Fletcher Penn

Fletcher Penn, founder of Fletcher's Place, born and raised in Georgia. Him and his family moved from Conyers, GA, to Decatur, Ga, in 1969. Fletcher began working in the restaurant industry as a dish washer in 1974, his entire career has been dedicated to the restaurant industry. He enjoyed hard work, customer service and quality food. With his skill sets, work ethic and passion for the restaurant business, Fletcher’s career progressed very quickly; within a short period of time, he became a Restaurant Owner, of multiple restaurants, creating his own chain.

Fletcher’s Place was established in 2007, on Candler’s Road in South DeKalb, but before there was a Fletcher's Place, there was an Al's Pizza.

Al’s Pizza operated from 1985 to 2006, until Fletcher transitioned his establishment to a new location and renamed it, Fletcher’s Place. Revamping his restaurant was a huge milestone for Fletcher, his goal was to reinvent the wheel— and that he did!

With decades of experience and success under his belt, Fletcher opened his second location at Stonecrest Mall in July 2017.

Fletcher’s son Jeff Penn, is now following in his father’s footsteps; Jeff started as a dishwasher as well. Jeff wanted to experience the route his father had taken. This taught him the value of hard work, and today, Jeff’s passion and commitment to his family’s business has blessed him with the ultimate gift— he is now the Co-Owner and General Manager to both establishments.

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